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Finslack helps businesses worldwide launch digital financial services quickly — be it holding money, managing accounts, embedding finance or more.

Scale your business with complete flexibility

Businesses of all sizes face challenges when building up financial services — notably the  high cost and complexity of building and maintaining infrastructures, and licensing delays. Finslack offers a single platform that provides solutions to these challenges and more.

With over 12 years in financial engineering, we’ve dreamed up every solution needed to help you go from the ground-up to scale-up in days, not months.


A suite of workflows to launch financial products

Plug 'n' play solutions to start creating your product in minutes. Finslack Configurable Workflows like UIs and APIs helps you deliver the perfect solution and jumpstart your financial offering without breaking the bank.

White-label Platform
White-label Platform

The flexibility to use our highly customizable user interface or build yours using our rich set of APIs to your own workflow.

Plug and Play Partners
Plug and Play Partners

Access our readily integrated partners, such as multi-country payout networks, automated e-KYC and AML service providers, BaaS and payment authentication providers.

Endless Integrations
Endless Integrations

Embed more financial services into your business as you need. We have created a collaborative ecosystem.

Designed for speed, flexibility and efficiency

Launch in days, not months

Create your unique solution with our suite of components and go live in just 21 days.


Save on the capital cost of building out your product’s infrastructure, investing in a compliance team or losing money for lacking experience.

Security & Compliance Covered

Deliver financial services that are totally secured and fully compliant with country-specific legal requirements

Full customization and integration

Design unique features using our user interface or build yours with our flexible APIs


Partners with world-class providers

Use Cases

A robust platform to create endless possibilities

Whether you’re building or scaling a new financial product, embedding finance into existing products or simply streamlining in-house financial operations, we got you covered

E-Money Institution Service

Launch an e-money web portal or app to let customers hold money and send and receive money seamlessly around the globe.

Virtual Account Management

Manage pooled virtual accounts via a single viewpoint. Centralize account payables, receivables and create liquidity structure for managing cashflow, in-house banking and more.


Launch a cross-border remittance app and bill payment services or automate your remittance business operations.

Digital Banking

Build new and modern digital banking your customers love. Offer Deposit Taking, Digital Wallet, Online Banking and more.


Offer customers innovative loan products like BNLP, PayDay and Mortgage loans. Finslack powerful lending engine automates loan processes from origination to debt collection and more.


Design investment products like Online Investment platform for salary earners or Portfolio Management engine for HNWIs or corporate clients.


Everything needed to launch financial products, in ONE platform

A transparent, immutable and cryptographically verifiable ledger engine powered by Amazon Quantum Ledger Database (QLDB) to easily automate, streamline and manage transaction accounting according to pre-defined rules.

A comprehensive lending engine and toolkit to create a variety of loans tailored to customers’ needs. From automating creditworthiness verification and repayment flows to managing debt factoring, SpotBanc makes it happen.

Advanced KYC/eKYC processes, AML monitoring parameters and extensive country-specific compliance setups to ensure your business runs smoothly. (include logo of compliance partners), Save the cost and time involved in acquiring a banking/EMI license and deliver financial services faster by building on the EEA licenses of our Banking-as-a-Service providers. You can choose host banks from our ecosystem or onboard yours.

Setup country-specific money transfer fees, currency exchange rates, corridors and other cross-border payment parameters to facilitate remittance.

Issue SpotBanc accounts, IBANs, routing numbers, sort codes, SWIFT/BIC and cards.
Allow users to set up multiple accounts holding multiple currencies.

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