Break Limitations. Think Flexibility

Avoid the constraints of building on a single banking-as-a-service platform. 

With Finslack Multi-Homing, you experience the freedom of storing customers money with multiple BaaS providers and switching host banks anytime without friction.


Remove constraints and reduce deposit risks

Building your entire financial solution on a single BaaS provider can be restrictive and unsatisfactory to business needs. Worst still, it puts customers’ deposits at high risk. 

Finslack Multi-Homing feature lets you create your ideal solution from the banking API suite of multiple BaaS providers in our ecosystem. Even more, you can hold clients’ money across multiple host banks simultaneously without penalties or risks. It’s a game changer!

How Finslack Multi-Homing Works


Switch banking partners with ease

With Multi-Homing, it’s all about giving you greater control regarding business partnerships.

If you’re unsatisfied with your current host banks or partners at any time, switch to new providers on our ever-expanding ecosystem with minimal concerns over contractual breaches or high migration technicalities and costs.

You can leverage our pre-built partners or onboard yours at any time.

The cornerstones of our Multi-homing system


With our white-label approach, you take full ownership of the customer relationship no matter the banking partner you work with.

Ease of partner-switching

Avoid partner-locking with a single BaaS provider and quickly switch to a suitable provider by completing simple configurations on our system.

Deposit risks management

Reduce the risks associated with concentrating money within a single bank by spreading customers' deposits across multiple host banks within our ecosystem.

Robusity and multi-tenancy

Onboard your own banking and compliance partners into Finslack. Our ecosystem is ever robust to accommodate new partners.

Go Deeper! Discover the Finslack platform

Our Modular Banking approach

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Workflows to customize banking your way

Discover Finslack’s agile business components you can customize to power your unique financial offerings.

Key Features for endless possibilities

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