Building the future of finance together

Behind the #1 modular banking platform is a team of consultants, engineers, relationship managers and banking experts – powering our range of business services that help you scale.


Big ambitions need seamless solutions

We have years of experience working with financial institutions to overcome the challenges of modern day banking. Our consultative approach will help you map out your ambitions and engage with our industry leading partners to turn your ideas into reality. 

Fintech is constantly evolving, and we’re always at the forefront. Our market intelligence and success in deploying other global solutions under the FinCode brand makes us experts in banking strategy, product design and platform architecture.


You innovate, We implement - faster

We handle all of your implementation and configuration needs so your team can focus on innovating. We embody the launch, test, and learn approach by guaranteeing to build a fully live product – whatever the challenge – in just 21 days.

We operate an open-system policy, leaning on continuous system improvements and interconnectivity. That’s how we build truly customer-centric products, fast.

Patrick Leo
Consulting Services

We provide valuable insights into banking business strategy, infrastructure and market so you can establish balanced businesses ready to dominate.

Patrick Leo
Implementation Services

Our engineers work closely with you to ensure smooth configuration of our solutions to your needs and timely deploy them at the lowest cost to you.

Patrick Leo
Bespoke Training Services

We design tailored, product-or-market-fit training programmes accessible during implementation, or thereafter on-demand, to help you stay competitive.


Beyond technology, we understand the 'Business'

Our services transcends just becoming your technology anchor. We bring our years of experience in banking and compliance to help you set up your banking business or solution and run it effectively.


Continuous Innovation

We operate an open-system policy, leaning on continuous improvements and advanced interconnectivity.

With constant changes in tech and trends, we are at the forefront of action, collecting and analyzing market data. This influence our business offerings and how Finslack shapes up to suit your current and future needs.

Say YES to building amazing solutions

Electronic Money services

Launch electronic money service within days

Virtual Account Mgmt.

Create and manage pooled virtual accounts


Launch and facilitate remittance business


Launch a bespoke and licensed neobank faster

Digital Wallet

Customize a digital wallet system and issue wallet accounts


Offer loan products backed by a robust lending system

Portfolio Management

Robust system to manage clients' portfolio


Launch an advanced crowdfunding platform

Niche Banking

Tailor bank offering to special clientele

Have questions about our services?

We’re more than happy to clarify the grey areas for you