The complete toolset to create banking your way

Behind Finslack is full-stack suite of cutting-edge technologies, business workflows, UI components and concise APIs. Simply plug ‘n’ play solutions to deliver unmatched financial offerings.

Bring your ambitions to life - with the right tools

We’re constantly innovating, so you can too. Build on bold ideas to create products your customers love. Our modular banking engine enable you to offer these conveniences faster, cost-effectively and in style.

Reimagine your financial offerings

Customisable UI

Customise Finslack to reflect your brand name, colours, and logo. Configure web links, site texts, and other UI elements. Offer customers the same banking experience across multiple channels—web or mobile app (iOS and Andriod).

Banking/EMI License

Save the cost and time involved in acquiring a banking/EMI license and deliver financial services faster by building on the EEA licenses of our Banking-as-a-Service providers. You can choose host banks from our ecosystem or onboard yours.

Compliance & Risk Management

Be compliant with regulatory demands by leveraging our extensive compliance expertise, advanced KYC/AML processes, verification technologies and country-specific compliance setups.

Account management

Issue internal accounts, e-wallet accounts, IBANs, routing numbers, routing numbers, sort codes, SWIFT/BIC and cards. Allow users to set up multiple accounts holding multiple currencies.

Payment Infrastructure

Add payment tools such as card, cash, wallet, wire transfer, cryptocurrencies, QR code and more, to your product. Leverage extensive international corridors, to facilitate cross-border payments.


A comprehensive lending engine and toolkit to create a variety of loans tailored to customers' needs. From automating creditworthiness verification and repayment flows to managing debt factoring, Finslack makes it happen.

Cross-border Banking

Facilitate the sending and receiving of money across borders. Set up country-specific transaction fees, currency exchange rates and other favourable cross-border payment parameters.


Issue all types of fully programmable, high-interchange debit cards for individuals and businesses. Deliver physical and virtual cards, with all the features customers have come to expect.

Create bespoke products

Using customizable workflows

Deposit Engine

A deposit engine and toolkit to create deposit-based offerings complete with accounting systems. From digital wallets and online banks to prepaid cards, savings, overdrafts and more, Finslack gets you there faster.

CRM Tools

Respond faster and efficiently to customers' requests by building CRM tools into your product—SMS, email, in-app chat, and more. Insightful customer data displays to help you better understand your customers.

Ledger Engine

A transparent, immutable and cryptographically verifiable ledger engine powered by Amazon Quantum Ledger Database (QLDB) to easily automate, streamline and manage transaction accounting according to pre-defined rules.

Fiat & Cryptocurrency

Support 150+ fiat and cryptocurrencies on your platform. You can enable fiat-to-fiat, fiat-to-crypto and crypto-to-crypto transactions within or across accounts.

99 % Uptime

Our systems are up and running 99.9% of the time

21 Days

Approximate time to go from idea to launch with SpotBanc

4 x Faster

To go to market than building in-house


Backed by leading service providers

Launch your product in days, not months

E-money services

Launch an e-money app for savings or payments

Digital Wallet

Customise a digital wallet solution; issue wallet accounts

Virtual Accounts Mgt.

Create and manage pooled virtual accounts


Offer loan products backed by a robust lending system


Launch remittance and bills payments business


Launch online investment or wealth management platform

Digital Banking

Create a digital product faster and with ease


Launch an advanced crowdfunding platform

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Our Modular Banking approach

Learn our unique approach to building banking that saves you time and cost and helps you scale quicker.

Plug and play partners without constraints

Break free from partner-locking a single Banking-as-a-Service partner and reduce deposit risks.

Key Features for endless possibilities

Explore powerful features built into Finslack that help you deliver outstanding customer experiences.