Create or embed custom digital wallets

Customize your own wallet platform or embed digital wallet where customers can store money, reward points, units, cryptos, top-ups and more.


Deliver superb wallet experience for customers

Configure Finslack workflows and UIs to create a bespoke digital wallet product your customers will love, complete with your branding.

  • Onboard users quickly by relying on our omnichannel and self-onboarding protocols
  • Build out your wallet features using our APIs
  • Deliver wallet products via mobile app (iOS and android) and web portal for easy user access
  • Deliver as an added value to other financial services such as insurance, loans, bill payments, remittances, savings and more

Embed e-wallet into your product to hold value

  • Offer customers frictionless and convenient payment experience they need to store value on your platform or complete purchases without having to leave your app
  • Control user experience at every touchpoint – from checkout page to payment approval without having to rely on third party providers.

Manage wallet accounts via an administrative backend

Complete admin portal to oversee the day-to-day management of your e-wallet business and customers’ money.

  • Creation and issuing of wallet accounts
  • View users’ account information and balances. Meaningful Data is intelligently shown to help you understand users’ money behaviour  
  • Assign tasks to employees with varying degrees of access, so you maintain complete control of your business

Enriched with cutting-edge features for exceptional payment experience

Flexible digital wallet models

Support different wallet models depending on your business needs.


  • Closed wallet: Launch an internal wallet to allow users to transact or make purchases within your platform
  • Semi-closed wallet: Allow users to make transactions at listed merchants on your platform or locations. Manage merchants’ onboarding and fees. 
  • Open wallet: Enable wallet transactions through customers’ banks and withdrawals via bank ATM. Wallet is stored in the core of your partner banks’ core systems.
Instant Payments

Enables customers to send and receive money instantly. Facilitate all kinds of wallet transactions be it P2P, online, in-store, C2B, or B2B.

  • Offers contactless in-store payments with QR codes, e-commerce, split-bill, cash-out, bank transfers and more
  • Payments from users’ wallet accounts are processed immediately. 
  • Users can control payment flow through automation of recurring payments made via wallets.
Fiat or cryptocurrency wallet balance

Multi-currency account feature let users create multiple wallet accounts and hold funds in multiple currencies

  • Support multiple fiat or crypto account balances
  • Instant, real-time currency conversion available for international wallet transactions
  • Transfers between accounts are fast and easy
Deposit and withdraw

Inbuilt deposit engine to facilitate wallet funding and seamless withdrawal

  • Customers can add funds to wallet via direct bank account debiting or wire transfers. 
  • Funds can be withdrawn from a wallet account by specifying which account the funds should be paid out to and the amount
  • Leverage your host bank core banking system to activate withdrawals through ATMs
Issue wallet accounts

Generate internal wallet accounts for users on your platform. Leverage our strong compliance workflows or onboard your compliance partners.

  • Advanced eKYC and AML workflows for seamless onboarding 
  • Issue account number, IBANs, sort codes, SWIFT/BIC
  • Users can view account balances, track transactions and generate reports
Optimal wallet security

Set security parameters for customer funds held in wallets on your platform. We provide the best-in-class wallet account security tools for this purpose

  • Enable biometric security 
  • Two-Factor authentication (2FA)
  • Password, PIN, and OTP
  • Data encryptions and tokenization of payments

Reach more users

Attract new users and increase customer satisfaction with seamless wallet payment whether it's P2P, online or in-store.

Reduce costs

Utilise lower electronic money and wallet account barriers to reduce the cost of acquiring customers and managing transactions.

Generate new revenue

Earn from wallet solutions by monetizing your new payment model as a value-added service within your ecosystem.

Key features that make it all possible

Fully Compliant

We own compliance and have done the heavy lifting of reducing the risk of financial fraud so you can run your business smoothly.

Maximum Security

Prevent unauthorized access to tools and databases using top-notch security technologies. Distribute access rights to your staff with different authorization levels to control data access.


Finslack's rich suite of flexible UI components and RESTful APIs lets you brand your product, build out unique functionalities or integrate third-party services.


Finslack robust and multi-tenant architecture allows multiple clients' systems or applications to run concurrently on a central server with 99.99% system uptime.

It doesn’t stop here. There’s a lot more inside


Our Plug and Play Ecosystem

Our industry-leading partners are pre-integrated into Finslack to provide solutions across
Banking-as-a-Service, credit, loan management, KYC and more.

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