Boost commerce with Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL)

Finslack’s customisable product engine combined with lending allows you to innovate and launch BNPL offerings whether you’re a bank, fintech, lender, retailer or other. Accelerate sales and increase revenue by offering variable instalment loans or payments at the point of sale.


Tap into the $Trillion-dollar Future of Commerce


In today’s innovative market, BNPL is shifting point-of-sale financing models from on-the-spot payment to payment convenience for customers. It has grown into a huge market for banking and non-banking businesses projected to reach a $3.98 trillion valuation by 2030.




For BNPL providers

  • Create a host of instalment loan offerings to merchants and end-users as required. Our powerful loan engine allows for on-the-spot credit decisions and automated origination processes.

  • Advanced AML/KYC processes and tools that extend to merchants for seamless onboarding and low-cost customer acquisition.

  • Seamless integrations with merchants’ point-of-sale systems.

  • Offer end-users convenient and quick access to low-interest loans with low-cost instalments or transparent payment plans and instant approval processes.

BNPL for retailers and businesses

  • Empower customers to buy now and make affordable payments over time. Manage the instalment payment processes with ease.

  • Combine BNPL solutions with existing or new payment solutions and view all transactions in one place.

  • Design reward systems such as discounts for faster payments to improve customer retention.

  • Automated payment collection and advanced tracking system to keep tabs on payments.

  • Enjoy automated and transparent accounting between your business and the BNPL provider or host bank.

Key values of Finslack’s Buy Now, Pay Later

Easy product setup

Create BNPL product within minutes, not months. Define product type and use custom fields to capture additional details. Set up interest rates and configure fees. Connect BNPL system to payment systems or deposit accounts for automatic settlements.

No missed payments

Our system is designed to curtail late payments and consequential fees. Customers provide their payment information for the initial payment and all subsequent payments are processed automatically according to the established schedule, providing convenience for both merchants and customers.

Flexible in-loan servicing

Automatic loan repayment saves you time while an in-built accounting system provides detailed reporting of credit activities. Edit and customise repayment schedules and payment processes at any time to align with business needs.

Fast and responsible credit decisions

Our solution provides automatic credit processing capabilities enhanced by advanced compliance integrations to help you make faster credit decisions and approvals. Embedded BNPL across all customer touch points and on any payment type of choice.

Limitless scalability

Deploy Finslack BNPL solution anywhere you interact with your customers; in-store, on the web, e-marketplaces or mobile. You can add flexible payment methods to give customers wider payment options or scale your BNPL offering to manage shopping peaks like Black Friday etc.

Seamless account creation

Set up a BNPL loan account by linking deposits, down payments, and fees, as well as linking transaction channels for the flow of funds and loan securities such as guarantors and collateral assets.

Platform features that make it all possible

Fully Compliant

We own compliance and have done the heavy lifting of reducing the risk of financial fraud so you can run your business smoothly.

Maximum Security

Prevent unauthorized access to tools using cutting-edge security technologies. Distribute access rights to your staff with varying authorizations.


Our suite of flexible components and APIs lets you build out unique functionalities, integrate third-party services and brand your product.


Finslack robust and multi-tenant architecture allows multiple clients' systems to run concurrently on a central server with 99% system uptime.

It doesn’t stop here. There’s a lot more inside


Our Plug and Play Ecosystem

Our industry-leading partners are pre-integrated into Finslack to provide solutions across
Banking-as-a-Service, credit, loan management, KYC and more.

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