Partner with Finslack: Become a Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) Partner

Finslack BaaS Partnership is designed to help host banks and accounts or BaaS providers reach new levels of growth and profitability. 

Stay on the forefront of BaaS business opportunities

We are constantly onboarding businesses looking for host banks to integrate banking services and provide a banking license.

By partnering with Finslack, you remain at the forefront of the enormous business opportunities still emerging in Banking-as-a-Service.

Boosting your bank to faster revenues

By serving as your ready-made technology partner, we enable your clients to launch financial products to market faster, significantly shortening the delay time so you can start generating revenue within weeks.

Boosting your bank to faster revenues

Why join Finslack BaaS partnership programme?

We are creating an ecosystem comprising BaaS & Banks, Compliance Consultants, RegTech and all technology stacks required to build and launch financial products.  We’re on our way to becoming the go-to platform for financial service engineering and business workflows.


We provide you with the best-in-class technology capabilities to go with your license provision. This gives you a competitive edge as your clients will have upfront solutions, making them come to the market faster and more efficiently.


Collaborating with us will increase the go-to-market time in technology and licensing provision for clients. Increasing the speed at which your clients start their operations enables you to profit from them as soon as and as long as possible.


The availability of each of our technology components and your license or APIs will reduce both the time and financial costs of building the product for clients. They save on technology and license costs leading to faster revenues.

Become a banking partner

We’re building the future of financial engineering. Ready to journey with us?