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Support multiple administrator accounts, with different functions and authorization levels.

Roles and Duties

Assign roles and duties to managers and employees with different access levels ensuring maker-checker. 

Manage assigned roles and access and review managers’ performance.

  • Customers can be categorised into different profile groups, allowing multiple schedules for different client types.
  • 5 authorisation levels.
  • Maker-checker principle.
  • Review overall performance of administrative staffs

Full Compliance

Smart risk-management tool for ensuring your business remains compliant at all times.

Monitor customers’ financial operations to prevent fraud, money laundering, and any illegal activity using advanced AML tools like biometrics, face recognition, ID verification and more.

  • Easily set up country-specific compliance rules.
  • Set-up transaction AML rules and auto eKYC checks
  • Set-up Workflow (Both compliance pass/failure)
  • Fraud detection & Analyser (Identity theft, Structuring, Duplication document check)
  • Global and country-specific KYC/AML rules
  • Suspicious Transaction reporting
  • Global sanction screening
  • Watch List Support (Blacklist/Whitelist)
  • View customer KYC and AML reports

Omnichannel Banking

Unified Experience

Create a unified experience with Finslack’s omnichannel system.
Data synchronized across all channels lets your clients enjoy the same banking experience via web or mobile app.

Easy Onboarding

The onboarding process is segregated between individuals and corporate bodies to ease client profiling.

  • Simplified and easy onboarding.
  • Synchronised access and data channels.
  • Simple dashboard information display.
  • Easily retrieve transactions carried with internal or external bodies.

Concise Analytics

360° Accounting Dashboard

A complete financial engine for monitoring real-time transactions, instant account settlement and reconciliation, auditing, interest rates, and financial statements.

Clear Analytics

Get valuable analytical insights into business and marketing data such as clients profiles, conversion rate, company’s turnover, and more with our in-built analytics tool.

  • Transaction reports (detailed and summary).
  • Turnover reports.
  • Account reconciliation.
  • Account statements per client.
  • Financial statements for audits and tax authorities.
  • Marketing metrics (detailed and summary).

Multi-currency Accounts

Multiple accounts and currencies

Enable customers to create as many accounts and sub-accounts as they need, and work with as many currencies per account as you may support.

Enable local transfers between own accounts or across accounts and international transfers or payments.

Account auto-sweep

Auto-sweep account feature allows clients to automate transfers of balances in different accounts into one account at their preferred set time.

  • Supports multiple currencies
  • Multiple currencies avail users full FX advantages.
  • Sub-accounts are sorted for convenience.
  • Auto-sweep account feature.


Finslack multi-tenancy enables several clients to operate on the same server. Data management, user interfaces, rights, and functional customizing are client-specific. 

The system offers configuration and presentation of the financial software that meets the requirements of each client without requiring granting mutual insight into a client’s data from other clients.

Clients can be assigned to a central office, which has general access to all clients.

System Security

Overall Platform Security

Prevent unauthorized access to tools and databases using top-notch security technologies.

Admin Portal

On the admin end, you can flexibly distribute access rights to managers and employees to restrict out-of-scope access to information.

The system checks logins from unknown IP addresses and monitors server logs data.

  • Secured hosting
  • IP whitelisting
  • Access alert
  • Transaction alerts
  • Fraud detection analyser

Interest Rate Management

Set up earnable interest rates and commissions for clients depending on the amount clients hold in their accounts. 

Great for encouraging clients to increase deposits or balance holdings with your platform, or for rewarding outstandingly performing clients.

  • Set interest percentages and terms
  • Set duration of rates

Web and Mobile Apps

Web Portal

We provide you with a web portal through which customers access your platform via any browser.

Mobile App

Provide customers a custom-made mobile app (iOS and Android) to perform all transactional and operational activities

Omnichannel Synchronization

Customers enjoys same services irrespective of the channel through which they accessed product.


Easily configure your web or mobile app to your preferred look and feel using our UI components or APIs.

  • Internet banking capabilities
  • iOS and Android
  • Perform transactions
  • Manage accounts and balances
  • Communicate with clients via an inbuilt support system
  • No need to integrate external customer support software

Scheduled and Recurring Payments

Enable customers to schedule payments for executions at a later date and time or automate recurring payments. Our system allows adjustments of scheduled payments before due dates. 

Clients can arrange staff payroll, incentives, and bonuses, pay suppliers and distribute commissions.

  • Schedules payments
  • Automate recurring payments
  • Manage payrolls, entitlements and incentives
  • Manage payments to external persons or organisations

Customizable UI

Finslack gives you the flexibility to customize your application, applying your preferred brand colour, logo, font type and size and background image.

Complete freedom to achieve your branded look in no time. Easily modify or change your product branding at any time.

  • Background image upload
  • Colour settings
  • Font Settings
  • Logo Upload
  • Custom Login Page

Loan Account Product

Create different loan account packages for users and set up the parameters for the types of loans you wish to offer. Loan products are flexible and highly-customizable templates for creating individual loans.

Customize, categorize, advertise, sort, and compare loan types using easy-to-recognize names that your customers can quickly understand.

  • Set up loan types (Buy Now Pay Later, Pay day loan, Mortgages and more)
  • Configure the minimum and maximum amount extendable on a loan account
  • Set up loan duration periods

Reconciliation Engine

A pre-built accounting switch that reconciles payment information across several players (your business, customers, payment providers, and more). This is for external payments flowing into your business accounts.

Flexible APIs

Use our rich suite of RESTful APIs to easily integrate your business processes with that of third-party service or to build out bespoke product capabilities and processes unique to your brand.

Customize workflows and build unique products using our APIs.

  • Webhooks are sent to the payment providers or merchants when certain API functions are executed
  • Accounting systems
  • Payment hub
  • Integrate with partner banks

CRM Tools

Administrative Portal

A unique administrative tool to enable you to manage clients better. View top performing clients’ reports, provide support for micro-loans and set up fees per client. 

Assign customer interfacing roles and duties to employees and branch agents with varying degrees of access.

Content Engagement

Notify clients about their accounts and transactions, and communicate new updates, products or services. This saves you the cost of integrating additional customer support software.

  • SMS notifications Template
  • Email notifications Template
  • Bulk SMS
  • Customers Wallet Management
  • View customer transaction history
  • Request information from customers via Email & SMS notification
  • Address Verification Support
  • Add Beneficiary/Sender to a watch list (black/white list/watch list)
  • Electronic and Manual ID verification


Client Support

24/7 customer support from our client account team spread across different countries.

Technical Support

Our technical experts respond to your requests at all times, irrespective of your location.

Content Support

Get unrestricted access to explainer videos and blog posts on platform functionalities and industry insights from our content team. 

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