Deliver superior asset management services

Wealth managers and private banking clients today expect asset management solutions that are both powerful and personalised.

With Finslack, you can deliver high-end and satisfactory service that makes you the go-to provider for wealth management services.


Combine digital convenience with human touch

With Finslack for wealth management, you have the right tools to create unique asset management services as well as empower your client advisors to deliver exceptional service.

This combination of high-end digital solutions and informed human skills is today’s formula to win the hearts of high-net-worth clients.

Ease the burden. Automate wealth management

Embrace modern robo-technology to automate all aspects of wealth management from market analysis, asset allocation, and diversification to rebalancing, deductions, reinvesting and reporting.

All so you can focus on what matters the most; the customer.

Cash flow Report

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  • View daily, weekly and monthly cash flow reports
  • Record analytics for liquidity forecasts 


System data accuracy 


Unleash the power of one platform

Client onboarding

From document exchange and digital signatures to collaborations and configuring workflows, we declutter the complexity involved in onboarding such clients.


From document exchange and digital signatures to collaborations and configuring workflows, we declutter the complexity involved in onboarding such clients.


Originate investment products

Create and launch smart investment products personalised for customers’ ultimate experience.


Enable customers to open new accounts, browse through multiple products and initial investments.

Powerful analytics

Advanced customer profiling feature enables your relationship managers to capture customer investment performance at a glance, collate, analyse and report for product development or marketing purposes.


  • Track loans and automate debt repayment processes
  • Track communication between your employees and debtors
  • Option to manage or resell charged-off debt acquired
Client servicing

Your customers can actively monitor their investments, access markets, download reports and manage their finances from anywhere they are, on demand.


Our single touchpoint to products, transactions, and customer portfolio report in real-time helps your relationship managers do their best work in relating with and advising customers.

Personalize the experience

Know your customers' financial lifestyles through powerful data inights and empower your relationship managers to craft data-driven, personalised advice.


With our CRM tools, you can personalise all communication with customers based on data while retaining the human touch that stands you out.


Empowering wealth managers to innovate and optimize asset management workflows for maximum returns

Key features that make it all possible

Fully Compliant

We own compliance and have done the heavy lifting of reducing the risk of financial fraud so you can run your business smoothly.

Maximum Security

Prevent unauthorized access to tools using cutting-edge security technologies. Distribute access rights to your staff with varying authorizations.


Our suite of flexible components and APIs lets you build out unique functionalities, integrate third-party services and brand your product.


Finslack robust and multi-tenant architecture allows multiple clients' systems to run concurrently on a central server with 99% system uptime.

It doesn’t stop here. There’s a lot more inside


Our Plug and Play Ecosystem

Our industry-leading partners are pre-integrated into Finslack to provide solutions across
Banking-as-a-Service, credit, loan management, KYC and more.

Ready To Launch?

Bring your product to life in days

See what else you could build

The easiest way to launch your financial product


Create and manage a crowdfunding platform to connect project owners to donors or investors.


Offer innovative loan products backed by a powerful lending system that automates processes.

Virtual Account Management

Issue and manage pooled virtual accounts and in-house banking via a single touchpoint.

Niche Banking

Offer niche-based banking – like private banking, corporate banking & more – to special clientele.