How Finslack helped Chromepay provide merchant payments

How Finslack helped Chromepay provide payments for merchants

Chromepay provides customers, merchants and small businesses with quick and secure digital payment solutions. With Chromepay, users spend, send, and receive money at their convenience.

Chromepay is a fintech company based in Isreal and serves a continental-wide market. ChromePay aimed to provide access to quick and secure digital payment solutions for users — customers, merchants, and small businesses. 

ChromePay started out with the goal to enable merchants and small businesses to receive payments via a unique QR code while providing bulk payment services for payroll management and mass payments. 

To do this, Chromepay needed remittance, banking and merchant payment technology providers that would not only power up these intended services but create an ecosystem synchronizing the backends and making these services seamless to access (for customers) and easy to manage (for Chromepay).

Fincode — Finslack parent company — emerged as the perfect business and technology partner, providing all three solutions including a disbursement mechanism, within a single ecosystem.

Our Partnership with Chromepay

Chromepay found Fincode to be the perfect partner to build their business, not only for our technological prowess and ecosystem capacity but also for our business and compliance expertise. 

Working with Finslack, Chromepay built and launched a payment solution for the African market beginning with Nigeria. This mobile application allowed customers, merchants, organisations and other users to make and receive payments with ease by simply scanning a QR Code. 

The QR Code is generated in-app by the seller at the point of sale and then scanned by the buyer’s counterpart app. The payment then happens instantly within Chromepay’s ecosystem. Other payment methods we built are Chromepay wallet, Debit/Credit cards, Peer-to-Peer (P2P) transfers and Net Banking.

We also helped Chromepay build a marketplace where merchants can advertise their products and sell directly to customers. A bulk payment functionality gave merchants access to disburse and manage mass payments such as payrolls with absolute ease. 

Users can seamlessly transfer money between each other and access all their bills on one platform — personal or business payments. Finslack developed and handled the virtual accounts and digital wallet components of this product.

Here’s a summary of the top features we built for Chromepay:

  • Merchant Onboarding: Leveraging our country-specific compliance expertise and technologies, Chromepay onboard merchants seamlessly while meeting all regulatory requirements.
  • Merchant Services: A simple, fast and reliable merchant payment solution where customers can simply scan the merchant’s QR Code and pay with a single click. The QR code holds the customer purchase invoice and the amount to be paid which can be paid using Debit/Credit Cards, Net Banking, and Chromepay wallet.
  • Bulk payment: This functionality allowed merchants to instantly disburse large payments such as payroll, anytime, from any location. Participants’ accounts are automatically settled and reconciled within the system.
  • Airtime and Bills payments: Users can purchase airtime and pay for everyday bills like cable subscriptions, electricity bills, and others through the Chromepay app — both at personal and business scales.
  • Card payment function: A functionality that integrates card payment providers like Visa, and Mastercard, and even builds in-house cards for customers.
  • P2P money transfer: P2P transfers allow our users to transfer funds from their account to another customer’s account and within personal accounts. All transactions are secured end-to-end with two-way encryption technology. There’s the extendability to add cross-border money transfers.
  • Marketplace or online store: A functional marketplace connecting merchants and buyers. Here, merchants can set up online stores, advertise their products and sell directly to customers without having to host them in a physical store.
  • User account and wallet: Complete digital wallets and account features for two categories of users: customer and merchant. Users can credit their wallets for later payments and view transaction activities on their accounts anytime. The merchant account includes a real-time monitoring feature that allows the merchant to see payments, debits and sales records happening in real-time.
  • Daily financial reports: At the end of each day, the app generates a daily report for the merchant, detailing profits, top-sellers, and flagging items that are not performing well.

Chromepay mobile app is available on
Play Store and App Store.

The Result | Rapid user acquisition and scalability

Our business partnership with Chromepay remains a huge success. Chromepay onboarded over 8000 users within the first month of launch and has since then rapidly expanded its ecosystem and improved capacity. For us, the partnership won us lots of referrals and further collaborations.

Among the things Chromepay loved about this project was our platform flexibility which allows them to expand product functionalities, scale business-wise or technology-wise and support any country of their choice.

According to Chromepay’s CEO, “Our quest for modern, cashless society as a continent is a positive agenda that has Chromepay leading the way as one of its forerunners. The COVID-19 pandemic has now made it a priority for countries around the world to hasten their adoption of cashless policies more than ever,” he said, “Fincode enabled us to provide advanced cashless solutions and faster than we thought possible.”

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