Optimise payment transactions with a payment factory

Create a single, robust transaction engine to centralize account payables, improve payment control and reduce costs of managing multiple payment systems.


Simple solution to complex payments management

Get more control over your local and global payments infrastructure and cash management.   

Finslack payment factory eases these challenges of payment infrastructure, saving you time and the cost of working with multiple payment interfaces.

Centralise payments on a single platform

  • Bring payment and collection types into a single view to optimize liquidity

  • Balance and transaction reporting

  • Fraud reduction and improved foreign exchange

  • Manage reliance on banking relationships and rationalise account structures

Complete payment solution to control funds and increase visibility

Automated account payable processes

Set up an enterprise-wide payment system and enjoy smooth and secure execution of all corporates’ payments.


  • Integrate ERP and TMS systems already in use
  • Payments on behalf of (PoBo)
  • Collection on behalf of (CoBo)
Robust multi-bank connectivity

Efficient communication channels with bank systems across Europe, Asia and Africa for smooth payment processes and data exchange.


  • Harmonisation of bank connectivity
  • SWIFT standard for file formats
Robust transaction reporting and auditing

Improve visibility of payments and cash position through reporting and auditing.


  • Accurate cash forecast
  • Transparent and in-depth transactions data
  • Consolidated account statements
Centralize control over payment processes

Maintain control over accounts payable processes and improve efficiency using Segregation of Duties (SoD).


  • Optimised liquidity
  • Workflow management system to handle document approvals
  • Inbound document digitization
Payment Validation

Our payment validation process helps you mitigate risks through process management, fraud and financial crimes prevention, visibility and implementation of control policies.


  • Advanced AML/CFT tools to combat payment fraud
  • Double validation workflow for subsidiary and payment factory administrator
Enterprise-wide scalability

Expand payment factories or create multiple factories with attached subsidiaries to accommodate expanding global operations.


  • Create factories by geographical, currency or regulatory factors
  • Navigate and take advantage of FX policies and market


Designed for large enterprises and SMEs

Whatever the size or complexity of your payment system concept, Finslack modular platform enables you create, manage and integrate into your IT landscape.

Key features that make it all possible

Fully Compliant

We own compliance and have done the heavy lifting of reducing the risk of financial fraud so you can run your business smoothly.

Maximum Security

Prevent unauthorized access to tools using cutting-edge security technologies. Distribute access rights to your staff with varying authorizations.


Our suite of flexible components and APIs lets you build out bespoke functionalities, integrate third-party services and brand your product.


Finslack robust and multi-tenant architecture allows multiple clients' systems to run concurrently on a central server with 99% system uptime.

It doesn’t stop here. There’s a lot more inside


Our Plug and Play Ecosystem

Our industry-leading partners are pre-integrated into Finslack to provide solutions across
Banking-as-a-Service, credit, loan management, KYC and more.

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Liquidity Management

Streamline business liquidity flows and bring cash flow and risk assessment into a single viewpoint.

Virtual Account Management

Issue and manage pooled virtual accounts and in-house banking
via a single touchpoint.


Offer innovative loan products backed by a powerful lending
system that automates processes.


Innovate, orchestrate and launch to market a new digital banking service within days.